The Many Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

Beyond being a beautiful setting for your mountain home, the natural world around you is actually beneficial for your health
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Listening to the sounds of nature and taking in the colors and textures of the natural world around us makes us happy and has a positive effect on our well-being. But beyond that, spending time in nature has a plethora of physical, mental and emotional benefits.

From encouraging a more active lifestyle and affecting our biology in positive ways to calming our central nervous system, there’s no better health plan. One Australian study even concluded that national parks and conservation areas around the world help save $6.3 trillion in health costs each year through the prevention of health conditions.

Being in nature encourages a more active lifestyle

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Generally speaking, people who have regular access to the great outdoors tend to be healthier and have a reduced risk of premature mortality. Living close to nature inspires people to be more active, and studies have shown that physical activity indisputably helps ward off conditions like cardiovascular disease, strokes and diabetes. 

Nature brings people together 

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Research confirms that people with many social contacts live longer and suffer less frequently from depression and later, dementia. And what better place to get together with friends and family than outside? Whether you love to hike, mountain bike, bird watch or just soak up the sun’s rays in a comfy hammock or enjoy a tasty picnic, outdoor gathering spaces such as parks and trails are the perfect places to spend time exploring.

Spending time outdoors provides stress relief

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An outdoor lifestyle has been proven to reduce stress levels in the human body. A peaceful hike along a beautiful mountain trail or paddle in an alpine lake can reduce cortisol levels in the blood, which can in turn lower heart rate and blood pressure. The human body regenerates in a relaxed state which results in a strengthened immune system. Interestingly, simply looking out at a beautiful mountain vista has a positive effect. 

Time alone in nature helps reduce anxiety

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Finally, spending time outdoors contemplating nature can help prevent and manage mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Even thirty minutes spent breathing in the fresh air and gazing up at the clouds or looking at the flora and fauna through a pair of binoculars can take your mind off your problems. In addition, time outside can also provide relief for sleep disorders.

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