Raft Oregon’s Jaw-Dropping Rogue River

Regardless of adrenaline levels or interest in seeking the next great adventure, a trip down the river always is rewarding

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For adventurers looking for a different and exciting trip that has something for everyone, Oregon’s Northwest Rafting Company (NWRC) has a pretty good idea what its guests seek.

“A river rafting trip is good for the mind, body and soul,” said Zachary Collier, owner of Northwest Rafting Company. “Regardless of adrenaline levels or interest in seeking the next great adventure, a trip down the river always is rewarding and helps bring families, friends and even strangers together.”

The Amazing Rogue  

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Located in southwestern Oregon, the Rogue begins at the base of Crater Lake and flows towards the ocean through mountain forests, rocky canyons and exhilarating rapids—all isolated from civilization.  

A Rogue rafting trip is a multi-day experience that splits 40 river miles into a four- to five-day vacation. One of the original Wild and Scenic Rivers designated in 1968, the Rogue has been the beneficiary of preservation efforts that have resulted in cleaner water and riverbanks where it is easy to see bald eagles soar overhead and black bears walking at river level. 

In addition to remarkable wildlife, the Rogue has a rich cultural history best viewed from the river. Paddlers learn about Native American life and visit historical cabins to get a glimpse of one of the last frontiers in the West.   

River Life 

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While on the river, adventure options vary with guests choosing to paddle a boat with friends and family while a guide directs in the back, relax in a gear boat while a guide rows down the river or paddle themselves down rapids in an inflatable kayak. After a short backcountry to visit one of the many beautiful streams, waterfalls or cabins, they are free to switch crafts and try it all. There is ample opportunity in the flat sections to swim in the warm water. 

The Rogue’s whitewater culminates on the third day with rafting through Mule Creek Canyon and then paddling down Blossom Bar, a technical and famous Class IV rapid. Guests have the option of walking around the rapid. 

Camp Life 

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The Rogue River is accessible to first-time campers as well as river veterans. If needed, camping gear is free of charge. Capable and knowledgeable guides handle all the river logistics and create a new home at every camp. In addition to their sparkling conversation, guides also cook up gourmet meals and have hot coffee waiting every morning.  

While at camp, rafters use the afternoon to play games, take a swim, explore a trail or enjoy some personal time. At night, they spot a shooting star and appreciate a clear view of the Milky Way.  

When to Go 

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The Rogue rafting season stretches from May through September. Some paddlers reserve an early or late season trip for fewer people or a mid-summer trip to beat the heat. Depending on interests, specialty trips are available such as live bluegrass music. Others look forward to eating dinner created by professional chefs, doing yoga or learning to row on a Rogue Rowing School

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The Rogue River is a great balance between a relaxing vacation and an empowering hands-on experience. Generations return every year hoping their children can also understand river life. From families and couples to groups of friends, the Rogue provides a unique trip for each. Collier recommends getting on river time and rafting the Wild and Scenic Rogue River. 

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