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Insider tips and storage solutions for a highly functional kitchen
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Building a custom home in the mountains often means making the most of expansive views and dramatic vistas. And while a design with more windows has its strong points—letting in natural light, taking advantage of passive solar, amazing views of nature—what about kitchen storage?  

Traditionally, kitchen design has always relied upon upper cabinetry for the storage of everyday items such as glasses and cups, plates and bowls. In a design with less space for upper cabinetry, how should one go about relocating those “arm’s reach” items while maximizing storage in the remaining cabinets?

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Kitchen base cabinetry has come a long way in recent years as custom cabinetry makers understand the increasing need for non-traditional storage solutions. Designing for maximum storage in base cabinetry not only applies to homes with an abundance of windows, but it also appeals to those designing for aging in place. Base cabinets are more accessible, safer and more user friendly for young children and aging homeowners alike—as they do away with the need for step stools or lifting heavy items over your head.  


Peg drawers are increasing in popularity both for their practicality and flexibility of storage. A single, deep, 30-inch wide drawer can easily accommodate eight 5-piece place settings, and the use of heavy duty, full extension glides ensures that these often-used items are within easy reach. With customizable peg holes, these drawer inserts are equally useful for organizing food storage containers and lids or stackable baking dishes. 

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To make the best use of a deep drawer, consider adding a “hidden drawer” in the top of a drawer bank. If you are keeping pots and pans in the large section of the drawer, a hidden drawer is perfect for storing lids and hot mitts. And two-tier cutlery drawers are ideal for storing your selection of kitchen knives along with your daily use flatware. 


Base cabinet corners have traditionally held a fixed shelf or a lazy susan, neither of which is a highly functional option. For full accessibility, consider utilizing a “Super Susan”, a LeMans Pull-out or magic corner drawers—all of which make full use of valuable corner real estate in a kitchen and avoid the dreaded “dead space”.  

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There are also a variety of rollouts available for base cabinetry, including spice racks for spices and oils, trash rollouts and cooking utensil rollouts. These rollouts are highly customizable—with adjustable shelves, options for canister configuration and the ability to support even the most cumbersome countertop appliance—keeping your kitchen tools organized and your countertops clutter-free.  

One of the biggest advantages of using custom cabinetry in your project is the ability to employ base cabinetry storage of all types, no matter the height or width required for each cabinet box. Aesthetic beauty, high function and ease of use are the result of a kitchen design that maximizes the storage available in base cabinetry.  


Lauren Ruehring is the owner and principal of Kitchenscapes, a premiere kitchen and bath custom cabinetry design firm based in Breckenridge, Colorado. View their profile or contact Lauren at 970-453-7107.

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