How to Bring the Great Outdoors into Your Indoor Mountain Oasis

Incorporate this unique natural element in your home to bring the magic of mountain life indoors

Photos courtesy of The Peak Antler Company

Chances are if you own a home in the high country, you value outdoor adventure and the idyllic beauty of untouched nature. Living in the mountains means breathtaking views of expansive blue skies, forested slopes, rocky peaks, wildflowers and wildlife just outside your windows.

So how do you bring the great outdoors into your indoor mountain oasis? Mountain architecture is all about creating a warm, cozy retreat that pays homage to its surroundings. To achieve this, it’s important to incorporate natural elements such as log timbers and stone, as well as nature-inspired décor.

When considering the best ways to bring the outdoors in, be sure to include antlers in your design.

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Every year, alpine animals such as deer, elk and moose naturally shed their antlers and grow new ones for spring mating season. No two antlers are alike – every twist and bend is unique to that animal – making them a perfect material for one-of-kind chandeliers, furniture, wall art and sculptures.

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The detailed symmetry and organic forms of antler art pieces are also reflective of the natural world. Consider the beautiful symmetrical patterns of a spider web or a snowflake. To capture this symmetry, one antler out of hundreds will fit into a chandelier perfectly. And what did not fit into that chandelier and was discarded, might be the perfect fit for the next chandelier. That is what makes each one special.

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Whether the style of your home is modern or rustic, antlers are timeless. There are definitely some “traditional” styles that everyone is familiar with. For a more modern design, look for shapes and colors (such as a white wash finish) that depart from the traditional style, and can act as a stand-alone art piece in the room. Many antler accents also incorporate other natural elements such as wood, metal, rawhide and mica that can add a unique flair.


Wildlife plays a large role in the magic of mountain living, and showcasing antlers in your décor is the perfect ode to the outdoors.

Jeff Musgrave is the founder, owner, and artisan of The Peak Antler Company, a Colorado-based company that’s been creating original custom antler chandeliers, western art furniture and home accessories for over twenty years. View their profile or contact Jeff at 719-641-8844.

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