Hot New Tile Picks from the Pros

When we think of gorgeous tile for the home, we think of Decorative Materials, one of the West’s finest showrooms of floor and wall coverings. And when we’re wondering what’s new and hot for mountain homes, we ask the company’s marketing and product manager Kirsten Schmit. Here come her top three product picks for spring:

1. “‘Hard Rock’ (pictured above) is a replica of concrete without all the fuss and has been wildly popular.”

2. “These ‘Deco d’Antan’ Moroccan-style prints are very popular in the European market and are making their way to the United States. In addition to black and white, these patterns are also available in white and grey and white on white.”

3. “‘ZeroDesign’ is a stunning 24″x28″ (bigger is better and GORGEOUS) stone replica that we anticipate to fly out of our warehouse!”

Which of Kirsten’s picks would you choose for your home? Post a comment below and let us know!

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