Decorating with Neutrals: 4 Tips from the Pros

When you’re designing your home’s interiors, incorporating a large amount of neutrals can be considered “safe,” lacking in personality, and even austere. It’s a delicate balancing act—it can be difficult to decorate in neutrals while creating visual interest, a distinct style, and an inviting ambiance.

We picked the brains of the pros at The Showroom @Furniture Row to learn the best secrets to going on a color diet.

Beckett Room by Bernhardt

"The best thing about having a neutral color palette is how clean the room looks. To amplify that feel, I like to incorporate symmetry into the space. Get two of most items, and mirror them. However, don't go overboard; have at least one or two elements asymmetrical, or your area may look a little too planned." — Barb Chandler, Buyer and Interior Designer

Ellman Cocktail Table Room by A. R. T.


"Neutrals have and always will be on trend, but the most fashionable color I've seen in 2017 is mushroom. Somewhere between a taupe and gray, mushroom is neutral yet distinctive, and it fits in with nearly every other color scheme that you'd like to incorporate in your home." — Debra Pryor, Social Media Manager

Glimmering Heights by Michael Amini


"If you feel like your neutrally decorated room feels too monotone, add a pop of color into the mix. A few vibrant accents will bring new life to the space. In this dining room, the pink bouquets on the table make all the difference." — Amy Foster, Lead Gallery Buyer

Showroom 101 by Christopher Guy


"A lot of people don't immediately think of black when they think of neutrals, but it actually is one of my favorite colors to decorate with. The contrast between light and dark brings drama and refinement to a space." — Courtni Vecchiarelli, Head Editor of The Front Door

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