Gallery-Quality Antler Art for Your Mountain Home

Created by nature, captured in metal, these pieces have a meaningful connection to the land and add a unique and stunning conversation piece to your home
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In recent decades, we have experienced a trend toward instant gratification and temporal design. Within the home design industry, many art and decor pieces are mass-produced for a quick turnaround—a process void of skillful artisans, quality materials and meaningful stories.

However, more discerning homeowners have been increasingly drawn to a higher quality collectable or furnishing item—that along with having a lasting presence, also possess a uniqueness or story behind them. 

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A conscientious buyer thoughtfully considers where an item came from and how it was manufactured, selecting items that are built slowly by hand in small batches—and not container-shipped halfway around the world. Supporting a more local approach to what craftsmen and artisans produce is an important throwback to how things used to be done. 

Whether we are conscious of it or not, surrounding ourselves with beautiful things is important for our souls. Found objects such as antlers can not only enhance a given space, they also create a conduit of connection to the land and the natural world around us. 

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Hand poured replicas of rare and unique shed Canadian whitetail deer antlers are one such work of art that represent these values. It is an amazing craft to replicate every detail of what nature sculpted and created, using the centuries-old lost wax casting method.

Making conscious decisions to collect meaningful and stunning pieces for our home or office, cottage or vacation home can also be done without adding to our planet’s environmental issues. These pieces of art are handmade from their inception and have a very short production lifecycle—from each original antler piece found on the land, to the North American hands molding and hand pouring these replicas in sustainable recycled bronze or stainless steel.

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They exhibit a permanence, to be appreciated for generations to come, along with a connection to the land—both important considerations often lost in our modern disposable world. Mindful purchasing of art or decorative collectables created in this traditional way, supports slower production and the environment, while providing truly special personalized pieces for display in one’s chosen space.

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David and Lisa Bzawy are the owners of Antler Design Concepts, an artisan based in Alberta, Canada, producing hand poured antler replicas. View their profile or contact David and Lisa at 780.699.3730.

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