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One of the best things about owning a mountain home is living in an environment where you are surrounded by natural beauty at every turn. Immersing yourself in beautiful vistas presents the perfect excuse to slow down and be still for a while, providing you with a sense of calm and renewal.

A high quality pair of binoculars or spotting scope is a wonderful investment to help you take advantage of everything your domain has to offer.  

Here are four way to use high quality optics to make the most of your mountain home.

Observe the flora and fauna that surrounds your home 

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We all know that a busy life can also be a stressful life. Research shows that immersing yourself in nature has powerful benefits for our mood, psychological well-being, mental health, and cognitive functioning. Not only that, it is a wonderful exercise to become more in-tune with the seasonal ebbs and flows of mountain wilderness.

Focus in to observe the seasonal migration of birds or elk. Track the winter movements of coyotes or badgers. Or indulge in the changing colors of autumn, the blooming of wildflower in spring or the haunting beauty of barren trees in the winter. Marking the seasons through the observation of plants and animals is both pleasurable and rewarding.

Stargaze on clear nights

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Living in the mountains provides many with a platform closer to the stars. High elevation and low light pollution make mountain homes a great vantage point for observing celestial bodies. The motion of the Earth around the Sun brings a changing night sky with the passing of the seasons and provides a magical way to escape. 

Spend high quality family time

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High quality optics are fantastic fuel for the naturally curious of all ages, particularly kids. They are rugged, simple to use, and a wonderful tool to look a little closer at the world around you and do some exploration while sitting in one place. Bring a pair of binoculars along on your next family picnic, or play a game of I Spy with your kids or grandkids using a spotting scope from the comfort of your own deck. 

Take care of your property

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Use your spotting scope to get an idea of what’s going on around you. Whether it’s your neighbor’s land management practices, the traffic rolling down a forest service road across the valley, or how busy the ski slopes are, a high quality spotting scope or binoculars provides for a situational awareness of what’s happening around your mountain home.

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