Why Artisan Glass is a Better Choice for Glass Light Fixtures

Bottom line, it's worth the investment

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When it comes to blown glass light fixtures, there are a dizzying array of choices. The vast majority are mass-produced overseas, while a handful are individually handcrafted by glass artisans. How do you tell the difference?

It’s an important question if you’re in the market for new glass lighting. There are important factors relating to material and process that define major differences between these two options. Here are three reasons why artisan glass lighting is worth the investment.

Superior quality material

Superior Quality Material

Glass is made from sand, soda ash, limestone or other similar components, all melted together. This base material determines the quality and the ultimate look of the final glass piece. For example, soda-lime glass is a commonly used material with a greenish color and a noticeably cloudy quality. Most glass lighting uses a similar type of glass because it’s lower cost and more production-friendly.

Artisan glass, on the other hand, is typically fabricated from glass material that is of significantly higher quality. The gold standard is crystal glass, which offers the best brilliance and clarity. Remarkably, less than 1% of blown glass lighting on the market is made from crystal. At Hammerton, we use only lead-free crystal glass because it provides the ultimate foundation for superior-quality lighting.

Intriguing Visual Characteristics

Intriguing Visual Characteristics

Material isn’t the only factor that matters. It’s also important to look at the characteristics of the glass fixture. Hand-blown glass typically has thicker walls and more elegant surface quality than mass-produced pieces, as well as unique details that reveal the mark of the artisan. Collectively, those characteristics elevate a simple glass light fixture to a handcrafted work of functional art.

Broad Design Versatility

Broad Design Versatility

Beyond delivering a better quality of light, artisan glass is infinitely customizable. Because hand-blown glass is incredibly labor intensive, many lighting manufacturers source inexpensive glass components produced off-shore and design fixtures based on budget.

When glass is produced in-house by experienced artisans, there is tremendous room for innovation and control over the whole design and fabrication process from start to finish. And that means more durable, versatile, and beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces for your space.

Levi Wilson is the VP of Design and Founder of Hammerton, one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of artisan glass lighting.  Visit their website at www.hammerton.com or contact them at 801.873.8095.

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