Unexpected Ways to Use Bronze to Customize Your Home

Add handcrafted solid bronze hardware to personalize your home
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When it comes to personalizing your home, little things make a big difference. Take hardware, you know- knobs, pulls, hooks, doorbells. Sure, you can go down the street and buy the standard stuff at your local home improvement store. But why pass up the opportunity to add a custom, hand-crafted work of art that adds personality and style to your space and serves a practical purpose. 

We sat down with Garrett and Beth Lowe, owners of Timber Bronze 53, an Oregon-based company that specializes in handcrafted solid bronze hardware, to find out more about the many ways bronze can be beautifully and practically incorporated into your home. 

Timber Bronze Doorbells

Timber Bronze 53 doorbells

When it comes to choosing accessories for the home, why should homeowners choose genuine bronze?

There is a big difference between oil-rubbed bronze and solid-cast bronze. An authentic bronze piece is specially built, not dipped or stamped out of metal. Every one of the pieces we make is handcrafted using solid bronze, utilizing the lost wax process. As a result, our pieces are not perfectly uniform. The shape and surface texture, exact size and placement of highlights on each piece may vary, making each one a unique accessory.  

Timber Bronze Knobs

Timber Bronze 53 knobs, pulls and handles

What are some of the ways homeowners are using bronze in a practical way to personalize their space? 

Homeowners are using unique bronze hardware throughout their homes- from doorbells, door knockers and door stops to knobs, pulls, handles and more. Mountain home owners, in particular, are drawn to hardware that reflects the beauty of the natural world. Our best sellers include pieces adorned with natural elements like pine cones, twigs and acorns. In addition, our whimsical animal pieces- pigs, buffaloes, moose, bear and more- are very popular. 

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Timber Bronze 53 door knockers

What is the inspiration for your work?

Our goal with this whole adventure is to help give people something to smile about. One of our customers recently shared that our doorbell brings a smile to her face every time she enters her home. Another customer loves that our cabinet handles bring nature indoors for her. Ultimately, we hope that our bronze designs help bring laughter to our customers’ souls.

Garrett and Beth Lowe are the owners of Timber Bronze 53, an Oregon-based company that specializes in handcrafted solid bronze hardware for the home. View their profile or contact them at garrett@timberbronze.com.

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