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Transport yourself to far away destinations with these worldly rug designs
Sunahama Indigo Dp

Photos courtesy of New Moon Rugs

Incorporating styles from all over the world, interior design has a unique ability to transport us to our favorite places or the places we dream of visiting one day. As such, the design of our home can speak to a deep appreciation for travel and other cultures. Below, we show how the colors, textures and designs of a rug can evoke a sense of place and transport you to destinations worldwide. 

Pacific Northwest

Lw126a Brown Grey 22856 8x10

Hand knotted in 100% Tibetan wool

The colors and design motifs of this rug have their roots in Scandinavian design, but are evocative of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Rockies. Rugged yet soft underfoot, it evokes a setting of ancient trees, glacier-fed lakes and majestic wildlife. The muted tones of the vegetal dyes are reminiscent of the woods and deep lakes of this part of the world. 


Moroccan Ivory Pewter 20200 8.2x9.8

The modernist abstract style of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco comes to life in this casually elegant design that invites you to spend barefoot days reading and sipping mint tea. Woven using Tibetan wool in a thick plush pile, the ivory background is contrasted with the simple design in pewter—allowing it to mix effortlessly with almost any design setting.

American Southwest

Lw58e Ivory Brown Dp 1

Hand knotted in 100% Tibetan wool

Rooted in a deep respect for the Native American motifs of the American Southwest, this particular design also hints at eclectic ikat motifs—creating a contemporary, luxury lodge aesthetic. The rug incorporates a sophisticated blend of texture, color and craftsmanship to create a space that is instantly welcoming and elegantly understated.  


Sunahama Indigo 23190 10x14

Hand-knotted in Tibetan wool & Chinese silk

Evocative of weeping cherry branches over a running stream, this rug takes you all the way to springtime in Japan.  The undulating forms pay homage to Japanese watercolor and woodcut artworks, celebrating the beauty of nature.  

Coastal New England

Lw101a Red Natural Dp

Hand knotted in 100% Tibetan wool

The simple Scandinavian motifs and red, white and blue color palette of this rug instantly transport you to Coastal New England with its clapboard cottages and waterfront properties. The American boathouse vibe is simple and unclutteredyet hearty and built to survive the whims of all four seasons.  

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