Tour OSM Construction’s New Office in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The construction company did what they do best, crafting an elegant exterior with a functional workspace inside
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Photography by Lindley Rust, courtesy OSM Construction

From the outside, the regal, rustic retreat that is OSM Construction’s headquarters might appear to be a stylish new home. The firm showcases its talent in all aspects of the build whilst still blending in with the surrounding neighborhood. To craft the building, OSM brought in A43 Architecture and Idle Minds Design to curate the perfect workspace. 

I have worked with OSM on a previous project, but the office was a labor of love,” says Kate Swanson, owner of Idle Minds Design. “I wanted the space to feel relaxed and inviting to encourage creativity among the team, their partners and their clients.” Opting for sophisticated colors, materials and finishes, the design is timeless and natural. Swanson compares the design with a well-tailored suit, “Timeless, seamless and exquisitely executed.”

We sat down with president and CEO of OSM Construction, Mark Pollard, for more details on the project. 

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What were the must-haves for this project? 

MP: We did not want a sterile office building,  we wanted the space to be practical, inviting, comfortable and representative of our brand while also fitting into the history and vibe of Jackson.

What’s your favorite area in the office? 

MP: The lounge and kitchen area is much like a kitchen, living and dining room in a house. It is a great place to put one’s feet up, but also a great area to collaborate. We find ourselves relaxed and talking shop in this space without even realizing we are talking shop. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the street-level conference room feel connected to the activity outside, so following long meetings, no one jumps up to get out of the space.

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Tell us more about the exterior.

MP: The exterior wood on the building is all reclaimed. The lower level hut portion of the building is clad in brown rafter boards, which were sourced from the interior of an old building that was being demolished. The remainder of the building is clad with boards that were salvaged from a cattle corral that was being replaced on a ranch in eastern Wyoming.

In what ways and how often is the office used? 

MP: The office is home base for OSM Constructions operations in Wyoming. The building and backyard are used by regular team members for day-to-day tasks. Many colleagues, design teams and project members use the building for different meetings throughout the work week. There are local non-profit organizations that OSM supports that also like to use the meeting spaces for the board and other meetings during the week and weekends 

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What do you enjoy about being in Jackson, WY? 

MP: It is very convenient! Being in the heart of town, we are connected to many of the things happening in the community, and close to many of the partners we work with regularly, but we are just out of hustle and bustle of the square.

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