This Aspen Home Is a Living Work of Art

A corner lot filled with natural sunlight and iconic views inspires a contemporary family retreat in Aspen’s West End.

Light, material, form, and family collide on a coveted corner lot in Aspen, Colorado. The homeowners, who had lived next door for nearly two decades, were first to submit an offer when it went up for sale, and immediately put it in the hands of Brewster McLeod Architects to create an elegant, contemporary retreat. The lot is nestled in Aspen’s West End neighborhood and offers exceptional access to natural light and direct views of Ajax.

The home was designed around the family—how they live in Aspen, and what is important to their experience while there—and serves as a great example of how architecture transforms experience.

 The result is a blend of intimacy and community, privacy and togetherness. Each family member has their own bedroom suite so, even when the home is full, it doesn’t feel like they are living on top of each other. On the flip side, when only one or two people are home, the home maintains a sense of closeness—neither expansive nor overwhelming.

The balance achieved in this home relies on a play between material, light and scale to create dynamic living spaces. The traditional stone-and-wood mountain palette was made more contemporary to take full advantage of the incredible natural light the home receives throughout the day.

Two large, open common areas—the kitchen, living, and dining area, and recreation room—were designed for family gatherings. A soaring stone fireplace anchors the great room and is crafted from narrow basalt bricks that add a note of lightness and modernity to the two-story expanse.

This vernacular extends to the exterior where two gathering spaces were designed to capture the sun at different times of day. A custom lift and slide door connect a chef’s kitchen to an outdoor dining area, creating a cohesive living space that fully integrates the indoors with the surrounding landscape. The design also includes a rooftop entertaining space above the garage, inviting owners to take full advantage of the views of Ajax and the evening sun.

This home was designed as a living work of art—a constant source of surprise. Take a tour below.

The existing large spruce trees were left to frame the front entry, and the lot was minimally landscaped to allow Aspen’s natural beauty to shine.


ARCHITECTURE Brewster McLeod Architects

Jamie L. Brewster McLeod is the president of Brewster McLeod Architects, an Aspen-based architecture firm that specializes in creating luxury residences across Aspen, Telluride, San Francisco, and Montana. View their profile or contact Jamie at 970.544.0130. 

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