Shopping For Your New Kitchen In-Person vs Virtually

The advantages of an experience that engages all your senses

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With so many resources available online, there are endless possibilities when it comes to ideas for putting together your dream kitchen. Scrolling through dozens of professionally photographed and styled kitchens, they all seem like the perfect choice! After just a short session of browsing, you may feel like you’ve fallen into a digital rabbit hole. It can be an overwhelming process, for sure.

A kitchen remodel is a huge investment, and you need more to go on than just beautiful photos. The elements you choose need to not just look right, they need to feel right and most importantly, function in a way that meets your unique needs.

That’s why we highly recommend visiting a space like our recently remodeled Denver showroom to experience the options in person. With different layouts featuring multiple combinations of cabinetry, countertops, appliances and organizational accessories, it’s the perfect opportunity to get a vibe, assess the quality, and experience all that is available firsthand.

See for yourself

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Different colors and styles may appear gorgeous online but look drastically different in person. Seeing the light bounce off different surfaces reveals the true characteristics of a material. Experiencing the actual tones of cabinetry and countertops for yourself is crucial to help you decide which you like best. And when you visit the showroom, you can oftentimes take home material samples in different colors to test out how they look in your own space.

Feel the difference

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When you visit the showroom, take note of what emotions are provoked when you stand in each space. Which materials resonate with you? Do you like a dark, dramatic feel, or do you want a light and airy feel for your kitchen? Do you like an understated matte tone, or do you want a little sparkle? With a wide range of materials available, we recommend mixing two or three for both aesthetic beauty and a variety of sensations.

In addition to the way different materials look, consider how they function. How do the drawers and cabinets feel as you open and close them? Do the drawers glide easily, and the cabinet doors close softly? Do all of the elements align perfectly? Experiencing the feel for yourself allows you to gauge the quality and craftsmanship of the different components.

Take a trial run

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One fun feature of the bulthaup showroom is they often have professional chefs doing cooking demonstrations. Come observe how the chef moves about the kitchen, and think about how that would translate to your methods in your own kitchen. Enjoy a taste of whatever they are whipping up. Better yet, come and try out the equipment for yourself. Have you been considering a more environmentally conscious option for cooking, like induction? Come test it out in a working kitchen. Not sure if you want open shelves or full upper cabinets? Come see a side-by-side comparison. Not sure a galley layout will work for you? Experience the space for yourself.

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Without a doubt, creating a custom kitchen involves a lot of options and a lot of decisions. You can’t just rely on the eye candy available on the internet or the latest trend featured on your favorite home renovation show. Visiting a showroom will give you the firsthand experience you need to make the right decisions for your needs and your space.

Jed MacKenzie, CKD, and William Landeros, CKD have a combined 37 years of experience as Senior Project Designers at bulthaup Denver Aspen. With showrooms in Denver and Aspen, bulthaup services all areas of the Rocky Mountain West and specializes in designing signature kitchens. View their profile or contact them at 303.777.5409.

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