Renovations: Revealing and Unfolding

The art of creating open spaces, energy, flow, and connection in existing homes.
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Three of the most important goals of any remodel project may include: opening up connections between closed off spaces and the different living levels of a home; creating larger windows and doors; and adding dramatic focal point design elements.

For this luxurious Beaver Creek project, redefining space and creating a connection between the four living levels of this townhouse without changing the footprint or adding space was the key to transforming a dated, closed-off home into an open, uplifting, light-filled modern retreat. 

Transforming the Staircase

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A key element foundational to the successful renovation was the replacement of a closed-off spiral staircase with a new, open floating steel and wood stairway that links all four levels of the home. The entry is now open and spatially linked all the way through the living room to the outdoor living space as well at the lower and upper bedroom/office levels.

Making Connections

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A second key component of the remodel was removing several walls within and between the closed off kitchen and living room. The ingenious design of a new 26’ long exposed steel beam to support the upper level opened up the new kitchen and provided space for two islands – one for cooking and a 13’ island in the new opening, which became the heart of the home. 

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Bringing in Light

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Another major part of the transformation was replacing a narrow sliding patio door and sidelights with large obstructing dividers with a 15’ wide Weiland lift-and-slide door and transom windows with minimal intermediate structure. This substantially opened the living room to the deck and the mountain views. The new living space now strongly connects to the outdoors, bringing in the fresh mountain air and light that the owners craved throughout the middle unit townhouse. 

Creating a Stunning Focal Point

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A visually grounding focal point for the whole design was created with a statement two-story living room fireplace to transform a short, nondescript fireplace and a busy ceiling with awkward beam work. The double height steel-clad fireplace with integrated lighting between panels is both visually dramatic and sensual with its subdued lighting. The dynamic nature of the fireplace was further strengthened by dropping the ceiling approximately 10” to apply a smooth, warm-colored T&G wood ceiling which quieted the overall space and reinforced the organic mountain modern aesthetic. The fireplace, similar to the stairway, became a linking element that plays to the strengths of the existing volume.

Our main goal in any project is to enhance the quality of our clients’s lives, bring people together and connect them to the outdoors. By opening up and creating architectural drama in this formerly chopped-up home, we met our goal and were able to create a modern mountain home with flow, light and connection.


ARCHITECTURE Berglund Architects
INTERIOR DESIGN Yvonne Jacobs of Jacobs Interiors
CONSTRUCTION Beck Building Company
LIGHTING 186 Lighting Design Group
ENGINEERING KRM Structural Engineering

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