Pairing Design Style With Wood Flooring

Flooring offers an expansive palette that sets the look and style of a design project
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Scott Hemenway

Wood flooring is a natural material that fulfills our desire to create connections to nature within our living spaces. Natural materials within the home often promote wellness and productivity. Flooring and paneling act as an essential layer of the design palette for our spaces.

While it may be common to think of wood, or often reclaimed wood, as rugged or rustic, it can also be clean and even toned. Choosing the right wood benefits a variety of design styles, whether its flowing underfoot or cascading across accent walls and ceilings.  

Mountain Lodge Style

Settlers Plank Reclaimed Oak Floor Pioneer Millworks

A cozy mountain lodge comes to life when paired with wider, more rugged wood planks. This style of flooring is rich in color and character. Reclaimed oak planks show remnants of original saw marks, which add to the home’s rustic and earthy aesthetic. Topped with a deep oil wax finish, this durable flooring can be the perfect addition to your mountain lodge home. 

Scandinavian Style

White Finished Sustainable Larch Flooring Fire Island Pioneer Millworks

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In general, Scandinavian style consists of neutral colors such as white, greys, blacks and includes a pop of color. There is always a natural element, often in the form of wood flooring which sets the context for the crisp design style. Larch, the light-toned wood flooring above, is a by-product of the logging industry––an underutilized species with rot resistance greater than Douglas fir. Its attractive grain pattern, neutral color and affordability make this an ideal wood for siding and flooring.

Modern Mountain Style

Modern Mountain Pioneer Millworks Flooring New Energy Works Timer Frame

Scott Hemenway

Considered by some to be an evolution of the traditional mountain home aesthetic, a Modern Mountain home emphasizes textures over color. Oftentimes, these homes include sweeping views and open heights, which allow building materials to take center stage. A clean wood in natural tones such as white oak, hickory or ash will accentuate the details of this design style. Reclaimed or sustainably harvested fresh sawn hardwoods will bring a sophisticated and chic look to a Modern Mountain space.

Contemporary Style

Ag Ash Sitefinishedsatinwbpoly Fireisland Pioneer Millworks

Inside, uncluttered spaces open to one another. Shed roof lines, fewer gables, simpler volumes and a dramatic use of space are themes of the contemporary style. The overall cohesion of a contemporary space is illuminated with the flow of smooth, clean grained wood with consistent hues. Soft, neutral colors are perfect wood selections to compliment a contemporary home’s light and clean finish. 

Mid-Century Modern

Reclaimed Teak Pioneer Millworks Mid Century Modern

Emphasizing function over form, mid-century modern is characterized by organic materials and lack of embellishments. Consistent wood tones will enhance the simplistic design style and infuse elements of nature. Durable, consistent and simply grained wood such as a reclaimed teak is a logical match for this elevated design aesthetic. 

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