Investing in a Quality Rug for Your Mountain Home

Three considerations to keep in mind
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Rugs add vibrancy, warmth and beauty to your home and serve as the centerpiece for everyday living spaces. They anchor your space by tying design elements together and can also serve as a reflection of the beauty of your home’s natural setting.

It’s important to choose a rug that is strong and durable, that can stand up to the life you give it and still look exquisite and reflect high design.

Here are three considerations to take into account before investing in a quality rug for your mountain home.

Consider your lifestyle

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Most mountain home owners are looking for ease of living. They strive to connect with nature, engage in an active lifestyle and spend time with friends and family making memories. They want to relish the moment and not get bogged down by a high maintenance lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want high design.

When you’re thinking about the layers you bring into your home’s design, starting with a rug as the foundational layer, you want to make a choice that melds your sense of style with a sense of comfort. You want your home design to resonate with the beautiful environment outside and reflect why you have chosen to live there. 

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Ultimately, your aim is to create a space that brings you joy. So when choosing a rug to anchor your space, think about these questions: Will this rug fit with my active lifestyle? What is this made of? What is going to stand up to? Will it reflect my taste and style?

Think about environmental impact

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Homeowners in mountain communities tend to take a thoughtful approach when choosing materials for their home. They care about how their decisions impact the environment, both outside and inside their home. It’s important to choose natural materials that don’t deplete the environment or end up in a landfill for centuries because they won’t biodegrade. 

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Inside the home you want to choose materials without harmful added chemicals or off-gassing, especially if you have kids and pets and an active lifestyle. Ask: What are you breathing in? What are you surrounding yourself with? 

Aim for longevity

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A fine quality rug can be a major investment, so you want one that is built to last. We recommend rugs crafted from Tibetan wool, the finest grade wool fiber in the world. The strong long fibers of Tibetan wool don’t shed, don’t break down over time and are naturally stain resistant. And unlike synthetic fibers, which fade, wool rugs only get better with time. The oils, fats and lanolin in wool burnish over time resulting in a lovely warm patina. 

Take these three considerations into account and you will surely find the perfect rug for your mountain home- one that is a beautiful work of art, that you can walk barefoot on and roll around on the floor with kids and grandkids, and feel really good about.

Erika Kurtz is the COO and second generation owner of New Moon Rugs, a small, family-owned company dedicated to the highest standards of responsible design and workmanship. View their profile or contact Erika at 302.654.0442.

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