Interior Designer Patricia Kennedy Creates a Fabric Reminiscent of French Toile

Made using historical photographs of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, these Western Toile products are the perfect addition to any gift
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Western Design Conference | Photo by Audrey Hall

With a history in Paris working in haute couture textiles for Chanel, Dior and Lacroix, interior designer Patricia Kennedy knows her way around French designs. She created a Jackson Hole version of French toile—a complex repeating pattern on fabric, depicting scenes from landscapes to people—and launched a toile gift line available at her firm, Rendezvous Design. “I was inspired from my time living in France, where toile originated in the 1880s, and always wanted to create an original toile of lasting impact,” Kennedy says.

Historic Toile

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Reference photos from the Jackson Hole Historical Museum feature a cowboy postcard circa 1958, the original Jackson Hole welcome sign, the iconic Mormon Row barn outside Grand Teton National Park and the first family of Beaver Dick Leigh. | Photos courtesy Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum

In search of vintage Jackson Hole photos to base her toile designs on, Kennedy opted to collaborate with the Jackson Hole Historical Museum. The museum offered a range of reference photos including the 1916 Jackson Hole playhouse, an 1894 welcome sign and more. Six iconic historical photos soon became the framework for Kennedy’s toile. Hand-illustrated in pen and ink, the Western scenes tell a story of the town, capturing its charm.

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Toile wine and whiskey bags are available alongside a lightweight tote bag. | Photo courtesy Rendezvous Design

Kennedy began showcasing the toile fabrics at the 2022 Western Design Conference, a gathering that attracts design enthusiasts and artists throughout the West. In Kennedy’s showroom at the conference, she decked the walls with the new fabric line.

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Kennedy’s showroom at the Western Design Conference displays the toile boot pillows, meant to protect the shoes from sagging. | Photo by Audrey Hall

“I was beyond thrilled the toile was so well received at Western Design; people were literally spellbound, spinning in the room, taking it all in,” Kennedy explains. In addition to the toile designs, Kennedy’s display featured vintage upcycled décor and sustainable materials, which she refers to as a “modern-vintage-Western” design style.

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