How to Achieve a Modern Mountain Look

Tips from the pros at Mimi London

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Many people who don’t typically do projects in the mountains wonder what makes for a successful approach to creating a great modern alpine home. Here are a few guidelines that have worked very well for the designers at Mimi London.

Every family is different, so there are no hard and fast rules


First and foremost, the house should ultimately suit the lifestyle, taste and comfort of the family who will call the project home. It should function efficiently for them. 

Interiors should be cohesive, appropriate extensions of the home’s architecture and surroundings

Folks are generally happiest when they know where they are. When in the mountains, owners should feel a part of nature without being clichéd.

The mountains are their own unique environment, and inspiration can be drawn from our five senses

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People who choose to live in the mountains already possess a desire to be closer to nature, and these choices reinforce that desire.

Organically-inspired, natural colors and materials create a bridge between the indoors and out

Hand-loomed textiles in soothing shades bring a soft, tactile quality to an otherwise rugged environment. 

Introduce natural sheepskin upholstery for an uber-chic texture and a cozy feeling

Toles Mli Sheepskin

Warm in the winter and surprisingly cool in the summer, the wide range of colors and hair length makes it especially versatile. 

Clean-lined, comfortable, well-made furnishings are key to maintaining a modern vibe

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Select appropriately scaled furnishings inspired by nature to set the tone. A powerfully-scaled cocktail table can punctuate and anchor a room’s design with dramatic effect. Maintain an edited, uncluttered space to ensure ease of use and a sense of peace. Finally, layer in good lighting, well-chosen art and curated accessories to complete the look.

Mark Boone is the President of Mark Boone Inc., Interiors and Mimi London, which continues to lead the industry with its unique approach of creating organically inspired, powerful, luxurious furnishings. View their profile or contact them at 310.855.2567.

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