Guest Post: Holiday decor gets fresh

Creative Director of Denton House Design Studio Matthew Dickamore shares tips and ideas for keeping your holiday décor oh-so fresh.

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Are you daunted by the thought of decorating your home for the holidays? Do the mountains of boxes and bins filled with holiday baubles stop you from starting? Donât stress. You can deck your halls in a snap by focusing on four key areas of your house: the front door, dining table, fireplace mantel and Christmas tree.

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The Front Door:
Wreaths are beautifulâbut this year, be different! Grab a vintage picture frame, tie on a few pieces of fresh pine, berries and ribbon, andâwhaa-laâyou now have a simple, unique piece of holiday décor.

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Looking for something a little more rustic? Create a frame yourself by tying branches together in the shape of a square or rectangle. Accent the natural frame with evergreen boughs, berries and anything else that inspires you. 

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The Tablescape:
Seasonal potted plants like paperwhites, amaryllis, poinsettias or small pine trees are readily available this time of year at the grocery storeâand for a reasonable price! The containers they come in are never pretty, so give your plants a new home by transplanting them into a distinctive collection of containers. Think terra cotta pots dusted with silver or gold spray paint, or unique serving pieces from your personal collection.

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Add a variety of mosses, branches, a pinecone or two, and prepare to wow your guests. Throw in a few candles in coordinating holders to create an intimate setting.

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The Fireplace Mantel:
We always find ourselves gathered around the fireplace during the holidays, so donât forget to decorate your mantel. Various glass jars filled with ornaments and arranged in groupings mixed with some candles in mercury-glass holders can be stunning. Or lay some birch branches across the mantel and weave some pine in and out for a more rustic look. Donât forget to add some candles! Everything looks better set against flickering flames.

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The Tree:
Whether you prefer a live or artificial tree, there are easy ways to make this holiday mainstay stand out. Insert different pine (fresh or artificial) and other branches into the tree to break up the shape. A real tree is never a perfect cone! When you’re ready to add ornaments, ditch the wire hangers and metallic string and instead tie your ornaments to the tree with colorful ribbon. Your ornament collection will pop and the ribbon will add more color. And, last but not least, forget about the tree topper. You can never get it to stay straight, and who likes a crooked angel? Utilize the natural materials found throughout your tree. Affix branches and berries to the top, allowing them to jut out and give more height to your tree. This will carry your theme throughout the entire tree, giving every square inch the attention it deserves.

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