Guest Post: Enhance Your Entryway

In this week’s guest post, Matthew Dickamore, creative director for Denton House Design Studio, shares expert tips for making your entryway welcoming and stylish.

Photo via Mountain Living


First impressions are always important. Someone’s clothing, handshake and speech can tell you a lot about them in a matter of minutes. The same goes for your home’s entryway. So what does your entryway say about you? Could you create a better first impression? If so, consider these time-tested design remedies:

Want a grand entry but lack the space? Join the rest of us; I barely have room for a console! Luckily there are ways to create the illusion of a larger space. The simple solution: Add a mirror! Try a full-length mirror or opt for a sizable one hung above a console table. The cramped space will instantly appear larger: Photo courtesy Style at Home at Apartment Therapy


Does your wall color make a memorable first impression, or do your beige walls scream safe? Be a little daring and think outside of the beige! A darker color makes a bold statement. If you really want your entry walls to pop, try a graphic wallpaper or an interesting hand-painted treatment: Photo courtesy Garrison Hullinger Interior Design via Houzz


If you have room for furniture in your entryway, display a unique conversation piece. When shopping, look for an antique console or repurpose a not-so-interesting bench into something with a little more personality. In my mini entry, I placed a wood chest clad with thin sheets of stamped metal. It’s different and offers a preview of what’s to come for guests who enter my home: Photo courtesy Jarlath Mellett via Houzz


High ceilings just beg for a great chandelier, and if you have the wall space, consider some killer sconces. If you can’t add new light fixtures, opt for an oversized lamp or matching pencil lamps on a console. Lamps add warmth to a space that overhead fixtures sometimes just can’t provide: Photo courtesy Cinnamon Post via Houzz


Rugs are essential. They prevent dirty feet from tracking through your home, while accentuating your style. Go bold with a thick stripe or consider a traditional pattern. Whatever suits your style! Whatever direction you take, just ensure the rug is large. Don’t settle for a doormat size: Photo courtesy Kate Marker Interiors via Houzz


Feeling inspired to turn a forgettable first impression into a memorable one? For more design inspiration, visit the Denton House Design Studio website and

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