Guest blog post: Wallpaper revealed!

Interior designer Andrea Schumacher of Denver-based O Interior Design opens up her look book, revealing one of the hottest trends of late: wallpapers of all stripes and scales, applied in unconventional ways that add punch to a traditional favorite.

Everywhere we look lately, weâve been finding great wallpaper ideasâwhether the pattern’s actually on the wall, or somewhere else in the home! Check out this dramatic hallway. I love the juxtaposition of the traditional stair railing and flooring with the bold wallpaper. They even used the leftover wallpaper to line the inside of the lampshade overheadâwhat a great way to dress up an otherwise plain fixture and reduce waste!
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If you love this dramatic look, but arenât willing to commit to every wall, just select one wall to focus on. Youâll still achieve a similar effect, but the accented wall will feel more like a piece of artâand your project will be more affordable. Paint the surrounding walls a coordinating color or use drapes or pillows (as shown here) to pull the space together.
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Another way to dress up a wall is to simply upholster it with fabric. Here we used a gray microsuede fabric with a nailhead design. Try framing âpanelsâ in the wall with nailheads for a classy and refined look!
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A very popular trend is 3-D walls. These modern designs completely transform a space.
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Experiment! We took square sheets of grasscloth and rotated them as we applied them to the wall. This completely changed the look, creating a sophisticated and distinctive focal wall.
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