Going Coastal in Colorado

Combining a coastal-inspired color palette with mountain style for a seamless interior design
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This one-of-a-kind aesthetic perfectly reflects the homeowner’s personality and style. The combination of two very different styles, each influenced by location, come together to create a “Coastal Colorado” design. The classic elegance in the design is the result of a sleek coastal look paired with a rustic, cozy cabin in the woods of Colorado.  

The color palette is coastal-inspired with multiple shades of sea foam blue, charcoal gray, and white accents. These colors interact perfectly with the natural wood in the flooring and the natural stones that make up the fireplace. The wood’s natural grain contrasts and complements the beautiful, calming blue hues.  

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In seaside designs, natural and light materials are commonly used for furniture. In the “Coastal Colorado” design, the stuffed ottoman and furniture are in the colors you expect from coastal design but offer the comfort and warmth of mountain cabin furniture. The diamond-patterned button-tufting on the ottoman adds to the homey and welcoming atmosphere while representing shoreside living in the color. A mountain cabin is “shelter from the storm” and who wouldn’t want to wait out the weather in this living room, with all of the cushy accents?

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The area rug matches the throws and decorative couch pillows without being too “matchy-matchy”. The differing shades of blue, give depth to the design. The diamond pattern of the rug mirrors the button-tufting of the ottoman in a subtle way. The linen pillows are a nod to life by the ocean, where linen is used frequently. The creamy whites and the shades of blue are reminiscent of walking on a white sand beach next to clear blue water.  

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No coastal design is complete without stripes. The accent chair with unbalanced stripes has all the welcoming appeal of both a beachside and a rustic cabin design. The stripes are a direct nod to beachside living, yet the chair integrates perfectly into the pastoral cabin style.   

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The details are what truly make this design. The blue in the windowed cabinets that line the top of the kitchen cabinets make for a surprise added splash of color, as well as a creative use of accent pieces. The accents of stones in glass containers and candles everywhere add a biophilic touch. 

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The fireplace is the centerpiece of the design and invites those there to gather around the fire. The fireplace as well as the art on the mantel leaves no doubt that this is a cozy cabin in the mountains. The surrounding colors complement and contrast the stunning natural stone.   

This surprising combination of styles makes for a luxurious design, that directly represents the homeowner’s personal style, in a unique and elegant way. This airy and light design is as comfy and cozy as any mountain home in Colorado. While designing this “Coastal Colorado” design, anyone can see how this design is as fun to design, as it is to live in.  

Becky Allsup is owner and lead designer at Niche Design House the premier interior design firm in Northern Colorado. Located in Loveland, Colorado, Niche Design House specializes in residential and commercial designs that weave style with functionality for a luxurious aesthetic. Visit their website or call them at 970-460-0822.

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