Get the Look: Modern Farmstead


Interior designer Tracie Schumacher, principal of Studio80 Interior Architecture and Design in Eagle, Colorado, helped create this Avon, Colorado, home’s “industrial barn” vibe (think soaring spaces, exposed forms and raw finishes). Here, she gives us her no-fail formula for creating a successful modern-farm aesthetic in your own home.

DO infuse a dose of whimsy.

Elements of surprise and humor tone down the severity of the industrial aesthetic, which is typically muscular and austere. The Kettal Maia Swing Chair hanging from the rafters in this living room is a great example—its suspended nature and webbed composition play up the open space in the room. Grupo Kettal, 147 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL, 786-552-9002,

DON’T forget to add soft textures.

After all, too many straight lines and hard textures can lead to uncomfortably cold rooms. Schumacher added a fluffy alpaca rug to the living room; it’s a drastic contrast to, say, the found heavy-metal gears hanging on the wall. The Scarab Rugs and Tribal Arts, 201 Main St., Minturn, CO, 877-949-1730,

DO incorporate unique objects.

Explore garage sales, flea markets and salvage yards for one-of-a-kind vintage merchandise that will add depth and character to a lofty industrial space. The gears (above), which the homeowner discovered in an abandoned mine, are one example; another timeworn treasure is the trolley-cart coffee table, also a found object.

DO have fun with color.

Farm-inspired décor can be overwhelmingly earth-toned, a perfect environment for bright colors to thrive. From the homeowner’s custom electric-blue bed to the sitting room’s yellow handwoven rug made from Indian saris, the color choices here are bold but not clumsy. Also available at The Scarab.

DON’T overanalyze your choices.

Have fun creating something that’s unique to you. A personal stamp is the most important design element. Even if you don’t have the opportunities to design and build your own house and furniture, just as the homeowner did here, reveal your personality and history through heirloom objects, curiosities and objets d’arts of every price and scale.

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Text by Leilani Marie Labong; Photography by Kimberly Gavin

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