Find What You're Looking For on Small Business Saturday

Good things come to those—and their communities—who shop small

I bet there’s a boutique down the street that you keep meaning to stop in or a shop that beckons you. The perfect catalyst to get you into these small stores is dubbed Small Business Saturday and takes place on November 28. American Express is the brains behind what has grown to have a bit of a cult following. The premise? Good things come to those—and their communities—who shop small.

Money spent in your neighborhood store, stays, well, in your neighborhood. According to the Civic Economics Study, for every $100 spent at a local business, about $68 stays in the community compare that with only $43 staying in the community from a big box.

The first-ever Small Business Saturday launched in 2010. By 2011 mayors, governors, and even the president of the United States rallied their support behind the movement. Come 2012, 73.9 million shoppers shopped small. Beyond economic benefits, though, the best part about shopping small? You can spend a few hours playing outside and then hit local shops, where the staff knows your name, understands what you are looking for, and loves to spend time finding the object of your affection.

Here are some of the favorite finds at Vail, Colorado-based Slifer Designs to inspire your next local shopping trip. 

These eye-catching, fashionable necklaces are made for layering. They add a little sparkle to a holiday outfit; layer them, wrap them or just wear one. If color is more what you’re looking for, the turquoise-beaded necklaces, in 17.5-inch lengths, pop.

There is a lot to celebrate this time of year; bubbly comes out frequently. How sharp are you after a few glasses? The Champagne Quiz is a hysterical trivia game to play to see just how smart you are after a few celebratory sips. Pair with Alice Waters cookbook and a wine keeper (remember, you don't have to drink it all in one sitting). 

Ben’s Garden Paperweights combine clever sayings with heft… it adds a little levity to the executive office. 

There has been a resurgence in crystal, but it’s not the staid crystal from yesteryear (which we do, indeed, still love). Modern crystal reminds of us of home design: elegant, clean lines that work in today’s contemporary homes.  The collections from Simon Pearce are handcrafted in Vermont and transform a cocktail to a higher level.

Life should be all about fun and games—especially during the holidays. This marble game is a conversation starter, an rtisanal masterpiece, and an unplugged family game all in one. Light sparkles and dances off the semi-precious stone, doubling as an eye-catching coffee table centerpiece.

There are so many special gifts to be found. Take the time to explore the hidden corners, the nooks and the hot boutiques on Saturday. There’s something magical about finding just the right gift for your friend or loved one—something uplifting about spending the time, culling a gift from a carefully curated list. Here’s to opting out of Black Friday and into Small Business Saturday. 

Heather Hower is a freelance writer, editor and fan of all inspired design. She's lucky to call the mountains home, where she can frequently stop in to see what's fabulous at Slifer Designs.

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