Door Hardware That Is Hard to Ignore

Expert recommendations for 3 different interior styles
Clb Architects Lift Series

Photos courtesy of Sun Valley Bronze

In the design of a home, hardware is often overlooked but integral to the look and feel of each space. Hardware can be both functional and a statement pieceso this finishing touch should not be one of the last details of the design. Whether your interior design style is more traditional, contemporary or transitional/eclectic, here are expert recommendations for door handles that will leave a lasting impression.


Arch Push Plate With Grips

Traditional arch escutcheons and cast bronze grip handles stand out on massive double doors.

Barn Door Brn 100 S1

F. Charles Photography

Barn door tracks work in a range of design styles and can be used for living spaces, closets, bathrooms and pool houses. Barn door tracks can be ordered to length and can work for single or double doors.  

Bevel Entry Set S3 Finish

Tim Brown Photography

Entry sets with a beveled edge are classic and timeless.

Bevel Set W1 Finish

Paul Schraub Photography

This split escutcheon beveled edge entry set provides a classic and refined design style.  

Pikepine W3 S1

These levers are delicate in scale and proportion—designed to be subtle and timeless. The escutcheons have gently eased edges and a thin, elegant profile.


1 Saddle Privacy Set

Mael Renau Photography

This door hardware is designed to sit flush with the face of the door and wrap around the edge—for a modern, streamlined look.  

2 Minimalist Set

An extremely small escutcheon allows focus on the lever or knob design and surface of the door. The look is simple, clean and refined.  

3 Fep 210 Flush Edge Pull

This flush edge pull is an alternative to standard flush pulls and offers a sleek, contemporary and integrated look. This piece of hardware is extremely popular in new, modern builds and renovations. A similar look for cabinet doors and drawers is also available and can be installed vertically or horizontally.  

Clb Architects Lift Series

This modern series of hardware—designed in collaboration with CLB Architects—is unique and “inspired by place”.

Transitional / Eclectic

Assemblage Gh Cp

This collection of hardware is sculptural and unique. The hardware makes a subtle statement and is designed for eclectic, art filled, distinctive spaces.

Burlap Entry S2

This entry set offers an alternative and interesting texture on the face of the escutcheon. The hardware catches light on the varied escutcheon face and is appropriate for designers that seek something special—yet subtle.  


This collection—designed in collaboration with De Reus Architects— pays respect to the Zen-inspired aesthetic of the wabi sabi design philosophy of restraint and beauty.


Aimee Commons is the Creative Director at Sun Valley Bronze, an Idaho-based foundry offering an exquisite collection of solid bronze and brass architectural door, window, kitchen and bath hardware, lighting, plumbing and home accessories. View their profile or contact Aimee at 208-788-3631.

Content for this article provided by Sun Valley Bronze.

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