Designers’ big decorating ideas

For all of you who want to revive your rooms this year and need some great design ideas, we called in a little help. We asked a few of our most trusted design pros—architects, interior designers, even a well-known style blogger—to share the products and trends they just can’t wait to work into their designs this year. Click here to discover all of their big ideas, and consider the trend Denver-based designer Andrea Schumacher is raving about, here:

The Big Idea: Fresh fabrics and wallcoverings that defy traditional color schemes Schumacher’s take on the trend: “Fabrics that mix colors in unexpected ways and create new twists on old design sensibilities are in vogue right now. The addition of bold color to the shapes in a print—and, in this case, the way the florals overlap one another—gives the fabric a more modern flavor. I always look for one fabric with a lot of different colors in it to inspire my color palette for a room.” To get the look, start with Shanghai Peacock fabric by Schumacher (above, left), then pair it with the Benjamin Carved-Back Chair by Horchow (above, middle) or Imperial Trellis Wallpaper in Citrine by Schumacher (above, right). Click here for more product details. >Discover more big decorating ideas

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