A Summer Seat


Remember those old chaise lounges from the 1980s with the plastic straps that left those awful red marks on your backside? And did you ever accidentally fall right through the straps and have to call for help?

Well, never again.

Have a nap on Walter’s Wicker’s new “The Palms Chaise Lounge” and you’ll never think of those dreadful strappy chaises again. Supported by a sturdy aluminum frame and covered in a chic woven resin, “The Palms” is plush and completely impervious to the elements. Best of all, its adjustable back can be lowered to a completely flat position, and there’s a poufy little pillow attached, making it just perfect for a snooze out under the sun.

Visit www.walterswicker.com to find a showroom near you.

Categories: Outdoor Living