A Luscious Lounge by an L.A. Design Maven

Designer Rose Tarlow's new collection of outdoor furniture is top-of-the-line


INTO THE WOOD A design-world boldface name, Rose Tarlow boasts a place on Architectural Digest’s AD100 list of top designers, and clients like Barbara Walters and Oprah, yet her aesthetic leans toward subtlety. From the beginning—opening R. Tarlow Antiques on Melrose Place in 1976—the L.A. design maven has turned her famously sublime taste and uncanny eye for detail toward understated finishes, soft textures, quiet colors and an obsession with craftsmanship.

So it’s no surprise Tarlow believes outdoor furniture “shouldn’t make a statement. I’d like it to look like you’d come across it in the woods,” she says. Finding inspiration in the rising moon, Tarlow has crafted a collection combining Art Deco influences with sturdy teak and proprietary fabrics that wins this luscious lounge a spot on our wish list for bringing the indoors out with allure.

Rose Tarlow Melrose House Rising Moon lounge chair, price available on request; rosetarlow.com.

Categories: Furnishings & Accessories