A Lodge-Inspired Ski Home in Mount Hood, Oregon

This cozy log home blends classic mountain style with luxury and platinum sustainability.

Nestled in the forest of Mount Hood, Oregon, this milled log abode is the perfect spot for a tranquil ski getaway. The 3,603-square-foot retreat is a luxurious take on the traditional mountain log home. Its orientation makes it even more unique; the home is positioned to take advantage of the drop-dead gorgeous views that are located in front of this three-level home—rather than behind it.

The layout boasts an elevator and numerous sleeping quarters, including every child’s favorite log home feature: a bunkroom. The interiors are designed to flow easily from space to space and seamlessly perpetuate the home’s indoor-outdoor connection.

And the surrounding landscape isn’t the only thing that’s green—this luxury cabin is also the first authentic log home to be certified Platinum by the LEED® program, the highest level of standards in energy-efficient and environmentally minded design.

The certification was accomplished by: creating an overall western orientation to take advantage of the vantage points; including large overhangs; minimizing glazing at south-facing areas; and leveraging the natural, high insulating power and thermal mass properties of the solid logs.  

Take a tour below.

Celeste Haase is the Design Manager of M.T.N. Design, the award-winning, in-house design firm for PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes, a company that has been creating distinctive mountain style homes for over 25 years. View their profile or contact Celeste at 800.729.1320.

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