6 Things The Entertaining Shoppe Can’t Live Without

What makes the founders of The Entertaining Shoppe tick? Here are six of the Denver party-hub owners' absolute must-haves.


Admittedly, here in Denver, we’re spoiled with 300 days of sunshine every year.  That Vitamin D really does make a difference in our daily lives.  Outdoor activities with the kids, summer date nights, winter grilling—the sun is an amazingly powerful proponent of every part of the day.


From its seasonal harvests to its therapeutic benefits, gardening—in any climate, at any elevation—is becoming more and more a quotidian way of life. Though we live a mile high, abutting the Rocky Mountains, we still have great soil and wonderful sun to help yield crops perfect for cocktails, mocktails and appetizer toppers. Mint for perfect mojitos. Lavendar and rosemary for refreshing spritzers. Cherry tomatoes and basil for a Caprese salad. It feels great to know your garden supported a gathering—especially when guests arrive unexpectedly.


Never, ever leave the grocery store without some club soda in the cart. Regardless of the age or interests of the people gathering at the table or sinking into the sofa, club soda serves a role in every celebration, as a great base for mocktails and cocktails.


We’ve all been there – questioning whether we are able to host an event due to a long list of work deliverables, a never-ending amount of errands to run before guests arrive, or just the inability to get dinner cooked and on the table in a timely manner.  Optimism has played a positive role in our best experiences, while the lack of it has certainly contributed to our worst.  No matter what the day has in store, we each try to bring optimism in our own ways.


None of us are Denver natives, so we find ourselves traveling to visit family quite frequently.  Travel offers so much perspective for entertaining and etiquette, since traditions tend to vary significantly by region, generation and so forth.  It also inspires special touches for entertaining on the home front.


Let's face it, life needs a playlist!  It doesn't matter if we're at work, at a party or out enjoying the Rocky Mountains, we need music to create ambiance, drive us through a big project, make us laugh or get us in the right frame of mind.  

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