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Getting to Know: The Founders of The Entertaining Shoppe

Meet Eliza Prall, Kerri Cole and MC Pittinos, the Denver-based entertaining experts behind The Entertaining Shoppe, a hub for putting together top-notch parties. They applied their veteran careers in marketing, retail and set design to become an online resource for curated parties, meaningful occasions and hosting etiquette.

Today’s entertaining and etiquette scenes are different from the days of Dear Abbey. Though we’ve come a long way since the Amy Vanderbilt instruction for eating cobbed corn, some things never change. Hand-written thank you notes, hostess gifts and a fitting ambiance still create a connection to go with the celebration, while age-appropriate activities, decorative statement pieces and creative play with layout make entertaining conquerable—no, enjoyable!—for all.

Mountain Living recently visited The Entertaining Shoppe to learn more about its mission and philosophy.

What was the impetus for The Entertaining Shoppe?

Denver is a hub for the creative and the curious. It attracts artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and adventurers, all of whom inspire the work we do at The Entertaining Shoppe.  We create a setting with artistic products and playlists. We are entrepreneurs, but we are also collaborators who enjoy watching and helping the tide rise.

What mistakes do most people make when entertaining in the mountains?

Most of us make mistakes no matter the altitude, but a few specific mishaps we’ve encountered more than others include: weather, alcohol and bulk needs. Weather is so easy to second-guess in the mountains. In the winter, apres’ing can end pretty abruptly if a gale brings gusty snow over a peak; and summer usually treats us to an afternoon shower, but we all like to take in that fresh air. The altitude brings different weather patterns and also absorbency rates. Golf balls go farther, and so does alcohol. And speaking of going farther, you’ll likely have to plan to drive a bit more to mountain hubs where you can find bulk items for your occasions.

You tend to encourage people to find a blend of the old and new—a trend we’re seeing everywhere from interior and exterior design to automobiles and clothing. How do you blend the old with new?

Old and new is certainly on-trend. We also like to blend house-made with off-the-shelf. Time is the ultimate commodity these days, so any time you combine something to fill an experience with elements you’ve take time to fabricate, your audience will positively respond.

What do you believe is the secret to successful client relationships?

Personalization and immediacy. It’s not a matter of filling up a cart at the local party store; it’s about knowing what’s meaningful to a host and his or her guests. While we stop short of facilitating events, we empower hosts to feel confident in each component of a gathering. 

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