3 Ways to Get That Log Cabin Look

No matter the style, these fixtures and furnishings should make an appearance in every log cabin in the mountains.

At first mention, the idea of a log cabin in the Rocky Mountain West might conjure images of a rustic lodge, complete with moleskin furnishings and taxidermy displays. While the traditional rustic log cabin is still a design gem, the term log cabin applies to all interpretations of alpine living—from the oftentimes minimal “mountain modern” look to the character-filled, hand-crafted style.

That being said, almost all log cabins in the mountains feature architectural elements like reclaimed-wood floors, ceiling timbers, and hand-hewn logs. And while a log cabin’s interior design tends to answer whether the home is contemporary, traditional, or something in between, there are a few fixtures and furnishings that every log cabin should incorporate into its interiors, no matter the style.

A Statement Light Fixture


When you walk into a room, your gaze tends to naturally rise. Think about it: If your friend is giving you a tour of their mountain abode, your line of sight as you follow him through the door and into the space will first include your friend’s shoulder, and then your gaze will move upward. A chandelier will capture your attention long before you notice the floors or even the countertops, so choose a fixture that makes a statement and captures the essence of your log cabin’s style. Because there are no two antlers alike and there is a variety of interpretations, antler chandeliers are always a great choice—the perfect way to bring the outdoors in. Keep in mind that lighting sets the mood in a space, too, which is even more reason to get this design element right.

An Anchoring Coffee Table

Coffee Table

After the statement chandelier, the next most eye-catching piece in your log cabin’s living space will be the coffee table. This is because the seating in the room is often centered around it, anchoring the space, perhaps even directly under (and echoing) the chandelier. If you want to incorporate antlers into your coffee table design, it’s best to use a glass tabletop, which adds depth and dimension without obstructing your view of this mountain-inspired furnishing—the perfect conversation-starter.

A Reflective Element


Mirrors act as great accent pieces to log cabins, not only because they reflect the surroundings and create the illusion of more space but also because they don’t overpower a room—and since log cabins tend to be cozier and more intimate, this design element adds just enough flair. A mirror frame handcrafted from natural elements like reclaimed wood or deer antlers can transform an everyday home accessory into a work of art.

There you have it. Make sure to weave these three features into your log cabin to get the most of your mountain living experience!

Jeff Musgrave is the founder, owner and artisan of The Peak Antler Company, a Colorado-based company that’s been creating original custom antler chandeliers, western art furniture and home accessories for over twenty years. View their profile or contact Jeff at 719-641-8844.

Content for this article provided by The Peak Antler Company.

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