2023 Trends in Luxury Mountain Architecture

Homeowners are embracing the 'home is where the heart is' philosophy like never before

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Every year, residential architecture evolves with new trends that homeowners are eager to incorporate into their living spaces. This year, the lessons of the pandemic continue to inform design decisions as homeowners embrace the ‘home is where the heart is’ philosophy by investing in their homes like never before. From sustainability innovations and kitchen lounge areas to over-the-top entertaining spaces and family compounds—these are the trends to watch in 2023.

Generational Homes


Maybe it was all that togetherness during quarantine, but homeowners, especially mountain homeowners, are embracing the concept of the family compound. Having experienced the practicality of one central locale for the whole family to gather, including plenty of room for kids and grandkids, homeowners are putting all-inclusive guest spaces at the top of their list. And the trend is moving from detached guest houses to everyone all together under one roof.

In addition, as rumors of a housing bubble persist, interest rates fluctuate, and the threat of recession looms, homeowners are investing for the long haul with homes that will meet their needs for decades.

Lavish Entertaining Spaces

Entertaining Space

Homeowners are ready to party! As they open their doors to friends and family once again, entertainment spaces are a top priority. Luxurious custom bars tailored to homeowners’ unique personalities and tastes are all the rage, particularly speakeasy-themed spaces. Pool tables are also coming back in a big way.

Sustainability Innovations

Eco Friendly

Concern for environmentally friendly, sustainable home design continues as a top trend and conscientious homeowners are excited about incorporating the latest technology into their homes. As communities adopt new building codes moving away from natural gas and toward electricity, features such as solar panels, heat pumps, electric radiant heat flooring, car charging stations and more are being featured prominently in modern home design. 

Living Outdoors

Inside Out

Transitional spaces that flow seamlessly from the indoors to the outdoors continue to be at the top of homeowners’ wish lists. Entertaining and family gathering spaces that maximize square footage and work year-round include features such as outdoor living rooms with multiple seating options and configurations, cozy fire pits, high-tech sound systems and big screen TVs, and fully decked-out outdoor kitchens.

Rethinking the Kitchen

Kitchen As Social Space

For the past several years, kitchen design has been evolving. Kitchens with distinctly separate areas—show kitchens where food is displayed and enjoyed and working kitchens where meals are prepared and messes are made— have become de rigueur.  Also, the popularity of beverage stations and breakfast prep areas has held steady.

Now, homeowners are taking it a step further with a shift toward the kitchen as a prime hang-out space, incorporating lounge areas with spacious couches and comfy chairs for guests to linger and socialize before, during and after the meal.

Kyle Webb, AIA. He is the founder of KH Webb Architects in Vail, Colorado, an architecture firm that creates innovative architectural designs that characterize the personality of both the client and the land where it is built. View their profile or contact Kyle at 970-477-2990.

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