Wine Cellar 101

Dreaming of a wine cellar but don’t have a clue how to fit one into your home?
Photo by Gibeon Photography

Dreaming of a wine cellar (like the one at the center of this home in the Montana forest) but don’t have a clue how to fit one into your home? Hunter Dominick is here to help. “Wine rooms can be large or small, simple to ornate,” she says. “The sky is the limit and open to your interpretation—from modern to rustic, island or glam.” Here are some key questions to consider:

How many bottles will you be storing? What size will they be? Do you want to include a tasting area? Will it be public, or private? Temperature by control, or naturally regulated by location within the home?

What kind of aesthetics or style do you prefer? What’s the story and experience you want to convey?

​Contrasting materials make a statement. Glass-and-steel horizontal racks create a modern style of storage. Stone, terra cotta and plaster give the feel of an Old World cellar. Color and texture go a long way and make a big impact in a small space.

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