Supporting the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem through Art
Photo Credit Sue Cedarholm

Photo by Sue Cedarholm

The North American bison, also known as buffalo, once roamed North America in large numbers. In the early 1800’s, it is estimated 30 to 60 million bison traveled the land freely. But by the early 1900’s, the population was nearly driven to extinction.  Today, a herd of 5,000 live in Yellowstone Park. 

The nonprofit WILDLIFES intends to elevate public awareness about the importance of wild animals and the need to protect them by immersing artists in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem during artist residencies. As a result, artists are encouraged to create artwork that raises  awareness of Yellowstone’s environmental issues through the powerful medium of art.

Gye Wildlifes Sticker Pack

GYE  WILDLIFES Sticker Pack. | Photo courtesy of WILDLIFES

Artist Eric Junker Working On Bison Artwork In Yellowstone 2022

Artist Eric Junker working on Bison artwork in Yellowstone 2022. | Photo courtesy of WILDLIFES

Urban mural artist Eric Junker was the latest artist in residence. High quality, handmade prints, numbered and signed by Junker, are available for purchase. All monies raised go directly to funding future artwork and wall murals for WILDLIFES.

“We believe that art can be a catalyst inspiring urban Americans young and old to experience a sense of connection to the Yellowstone ecosystem in their own community through the collection and sharing of the wildlife art and stickers, and planned public art murals,” says Lori Ryker. “It’s my hope that the art will also spark feelings of advocacy that they carry forward with them to support the retention of wild places and their wildlife.”

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Photo courtesy of WILDLIFES

Photo Credit Sue Cedarholm

Photo by Sue Cedarholm

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