Whimsy and Heart at Paper and Grace

The Bozeman boutique introduces customers to the world of stationery
Boutique Plaque

Photos courtesy of Paper and Grace

Like its name, Paper and Grace stationery store celebrates a more thoughtful era of expression that speaks to the modern heart. Located in an airy space in Bozeman’s hip, historic cannery district, the shop features quality writing products in a range of prices.

“I wanted to give a fresh take on a traditional stationery store,” owner Jill Redmon says, “a place where people can find something they never knew could solve a problem or improve the quality of their life.”

Boutique Portrait

Owner Jill Redmon and shopkeeper Cody Redmon grew up working together in the family’s catering business and enjoy introducing customers to the world of stationery.

In a world dominated by texts and emails, the handwritten letter or card provides an outlet for more heartfelt communication. For example, “A gentleman came in who is writing many letters to faraway friends he maybe won’t see again to let them know how much they mean to him,” she says.

Boutique Black Shelf

An array of pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers and markers are displayed like candy for lovers of writing utensils.

Boutique White Cabinet

An antique glass case displays the diversity of Paper and Grace’s product lines, including an assortment of Pineider, Diplomat and Conklin pens alongside handmade Japanese clocks and desk accessories imported from Spain.

Others find something to help lighten winter days and nights in the array of unusual, often humorous cards. Still others shop for a planner or journal to make writ- ten reflection a part of a new and better year. Paper and Grace carries planners from around the world along with unique journals, including an array of travel journals to satisfy that yearning for future getaways.

Boutique Counter

Paper peddler Cara Fox shares her enthusiasm and contagious smile with customers and colleagues.

A Montana native, Redmon looks for the enduring in the fine Japanese and German papers, pens and wax stamps Paper and Grace carries. Product lines include party supplies, gift items, leather dictionaries, wallets and brass card holders.

Boutique Pens

Another antique case displays Kaweco fountain pens from Germany and Sailor pens from Japan. “If a pen doesn’t write perfectly, we won’t carry it,” Jill Redmon says

Boutique Desk

Paper and Grace is filled with carefully curated products selected from around the globe with an emphasis on quality capable of standing the test of time. Redmon brings that same eye for the enduring to the shop’s thoughtfully chosen antique display pieces and fixtures that help transport customers to a gentler era.

The pen-obsessed will delight in an enviable collection of fountain pens presided over by Redmon’s brother, Cody. “His interest in pens is quite infectious,” Redmon says. “It’s rewarding to introduce younger people to what it feels like to hold a beautifully made fountain pen. One of my favorite customers is a boy named Cooper who came in and stood at the pen counter and said, ‘This is my kind of candy shop.’”

The best part of her work? “All the different age groups that come in and want to write, improve their penmanship, learn about kinds of paper,” she says. “It’s fun to see people discovering the world of stationery.”

Boutique Plaque

The John Derian wall features the New York artist known for his handmade decoupage plates and paperweights, crafted from his personal collection of antique prints, lettering and whimsical drawings.


Writing by hand engages the senses more deeply, allowing us to express intimate, lasting sentiments no text or email can convey. As 2021 dawns on the heels of a challenging year that left many unable to visit family and friends, finding a way to reflect and let others know we value them seems more compelling than ever. How to make handwritten expression a part of your 2021?

CONSIDER JOURNALING Cracking open a specially selected journal can signal a fresh start and get the writing juices flowing. As we approach another year filled with new possibilities and much left to process, consider designating time each day to ponder your thoughts, hopes and dreams. STOCKPILE GREETING CARDS Pre-purchase a selection of unusual greeting cards and thank-you notes. Before hitting “send” on a text to a friend or loved one, jot down a few words instead. Or commit to writing and sending a card each week to someone who’s made your life better. EXPLORE THE POWER OF PEN AND PAPER There’s nothing like the feel of a well-crafted fountain pen. Choose from a range of prices to find what works for you. Likewise, beautiful stationery can offer the perfect canvas for your thoughts. A few words from the heart can speak volumes!

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