What to ask Your Roofer Before Building in the Mountains

Before embarking on a new roof, be sure to ask your contractor these fundamental questions


With high snow sheds, roofs in the Rockies need to be built to withstand the elements. A roof is the first layer of defense against snowy winter evenings. It’s an essential piece of a home’s structure, allowing owners to live in a climate-controlled environment.

Here are a few key questions to ask when deciding on a roofer.

Will I need to leave my home during installation?

While it’s typically unnecessary for homeowners to relocate during a roof installation, the noise might be a good enough reason to find other arrangements. Talking with a contractor about how long the process will take and what interruptions should be expected is crucial. 


Do you use subcontractors?

A subcontractor specializes in a more niche aspect of roofing. If a contractor utilizes subcontractors, homeowners have less control or vetting power over who completes the job. While employing subcontractors isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be a liability.

Are you an insured roofer?

Depending on the area, licensing requirements may vary. Regardless, residential homeowners should ask their roofer for proof of insurance. 


What testimonials can you share with me?

Vetting is hugely important. Roofers should be able to share positive testimonials from past clients easily. If not, that can be a red flag. 

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