Warm and Cozy Fall Interiors by WRJ Design

Thoughtful interior design pays tribute to color-changing trees
3 Wrj Jh Cabin Landscape By Eric Piasecki

Photography by Eric Piasecki

As shimmering aspen leaves start to take on a golden hue and the air thins, our homes are ready to transition with the season. Good interior design works with the season, and for WRJ Design, this concept comes easy. As we enter fall, a redesigned log cabin in Jackson Hole, Wyoming embodies autumn.

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The 7,500-square-foot cabin takes texture to the next level. WRJ Design layers animal hides below a family of brown furniture to create a cohesive feel while avoiding being matchy-matchy. The overhead logs encase the home in an earthy hue, maintaining the warm colors year-round.  

10 Wrj Jh Cabin Bar And Board Game Pc Eric Piasecki

As a nod to former Wyoming governor and owner Cliff Hanson, the current owners coined the house “Cowboy Governor.” Not only does the name pay homage to its roots, but it’s emblematic of the sophisticated yet rustic design.

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In the living room, fur throws and a stunning patterned rug curate a cozy ambience. Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, a view of the Tetons is perfectly framed.

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In the master bedroom, a stone fireplace is adorned with dried leaves, bringing the outdoors in. Curated florals that match the season’s color make all the difference in decor. While a centerpiece may seem to be simple addition, for this home it packs a big punch. And the homeowners’ personal art collection of photographs and paintings integrates beautifully.


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