View the Sky With a Nod to History

From sunsets over mountaintops to camping on starry nights, the sky gives us plenty of opportunities to look up in awe. In fact, on August 21, a 70-mile-wide path stretching from Oregon to South Carolina was treated to one of the universe’s jaw-dropping natural wonders: a total solar eclipse. Millions traveled to the path of totality for the celestial event, and even those outside the path could see a portion of the sun disappear.

Daniels Antiques—an Aspen- and Fort Laurderdale-based shop specializing in 19th- and 20th-century furnishings, weaponry and accessories—offers a way to view the sky’s wonders with a nod to history. These Swedish deck-mounted binoculars were once used to spot torpedos during World War II, and are still fully functional with no lens fogging.


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