Tour the Western Design Conference Designer Show House

Presented by Mountain Living magazine

The 2016 Western Design Conference, presented by Mountain Living magazine, which took place from September 8-11, 2016, brought together artists, scholars, collectors, interior designers, architects and fashion designers with a passion for the West. The show highlighted some of the best in home design, fashion, and American craft.

This year, Mountain Living was proud to present the Designer Show House, sponsored by Deanna Briggs of RE/MAX Obsidian Real Estate. Tour the Show House below!

The Western Design Conference Designer Show House sponsored by Mountain Living reached new heights—literally—with an amazing exterior constructed by B&B Builders.  Their construction team used big timbers to create the rustic contemporary look that included a rock fireplace, a patinaed metal roof. And they created this masterpiece in five and a half hours!

Sitting in the “front porch” of the Designer Show House, beneath the eaves, is the beautiful swing by Brian Boggs Chairmakers. If you get a chance to sit in one of these ergonomically designed chairs, you won’t believe how amazingly comfortable a wood chair can be. Brian creates may types of wooden chairs and visitors at the show were reluctant to move once they sat in one of his creations.

The foyer was created by Agnes Bourne Studio and a collaborative of Jackson artists. “I wanted to bring together artists who were interested in working in reclaimed and repurposed materials,” said Bourne. The result was the “Cabinet of Curiosities,” with objects created by 12 artists.

The salon by Christopher Kennedy was reminiscent of classic receiving rooms where gracious homeowners would meet guests. Kennedy is based in Palm Springs and has designed his own line of furniture.

This comprehensive kitchen and dining area is the work of Harker Design and build by Woodland. If someone led you into the room blindfolded, when you opened your eyes you would swear you were in your friend’s most amazing kitchen with bright, range wall cabinets contrasting against the dark walnut frame. The dining area and upholstered banquette seating were especially cozy and inviting.

The juxtaposition of midcentury modern furnishings with traditional images of the West created an interesting great room.

Cheryl Frey of Alley Modern and More was behind the design, and the result of her work was a fresh interpretation of mountain décor.

The bedroom/library by Jeremiah Young at Kibler & Kirch was a writer’s dream come true—a bed so inviting that one might be tempted to snuggle up and read before taking a nap.

The media room designed by Forsyth & Brown Interior Design was the perfect place to sit for a spell, listen to music, or play the guitar. The technology behind the room, a system that integrated lighting, music, and television, was by Xssentials.SaveSave


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