Tiny Homes Hit the Gingerbread Market

Miniature gingerbread houses from an easy-to-use kit
Persephone Gingerbreadtinyhomes

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A tiny gingerbread house is the perfect holiday project for children and adults. Create your own unique tiny house to use as an ornament on your tree or a decorative piece for your mantel. The kits by Persephone Bakery also make fun stocking stuffers for everyone on your gift list.

Persephone Bakery is located in Jackson, WY. Each of their tiny home kits comes complete with seven gingerbread walls, overhanging roof and chimney, festive candy confetti and royal icing in a piping tube. These miniatures are the perfect project for those daunted by the time commitment required to build and decorate a full-size gingerbread house. A Persephone Bakery Gingerbread Tiny Home Kit can be completed in about an hour. The gingerbread is made in the bakery with all-natural ingredients, and everything in the kit is deliciously edible.

Persephone Tiny Home Gingerbread Table Rust

Persephone’s husband-and-wife team, Kevin and Ali Cohane, own and operate the bakery and café well-known to locals and visitors for their French pastries and artisanal bread. The bakery creates its products using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional processes. Their dedication to old-world fermentation techniques and baking with heavy heat in a stone hearth produces rustic, elegant treats with an enhanced depth of flavor sure to please the most discerning palate. Customers can order specialty items online or enjoy Persephone Bakery’s offerings in person in their café adjacent to the Jackson Hole town square.

Persephone Tiny Home Gingerbread Layout Rust

Persephone’s mission is to “Live as we bake, and bake as we live: With heart, hard work and creativity.” The shop combines food, design, nature and art to connect with its clientele. That connection has generated the tremendous local support that is the heart of the drive to create only the best-baked goods. The owners and staff are dedicated to the delicate balance of patience and precision that is the hallmark of great baking.

Persephone Café can be found in Jackson, WY, with an additional location in Wilson, WY. For out-of-towners, their website offers a full array of delectable treats that can be delivered directly to your door.

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These tiny home kits are sure to be a hit. You can make one or build several to create a little winter village. If you build one or two to eat—we promise we won’t tell.

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