Timeless Design in Telluride

Mountain Living's Editor's Choice Award at 2017 Telluride Art + Architecture

The 2017 Telluride Art + Architecture weekend was a smorgasbord of local talent. At the two-day event, guests explored 10 venues—mostly residential—manned by a team comprised of the building’s architect/designer/curator/homeowner, a local chef, and at least one artist or musician. Needless to say, this year’s trip was a whirlwind of beautiful architecture and interior design, (too much) delicious food, and eclectic art ranging from Luciblue’s delicate jewelry to Katy Parnello’s handcrafted wooden doors.

The weekend culminated with an awards ceremony at the new Liberty bar and lounge, where we presented the Mountain Living Editor’s Choice Award, which recognizes a venue with exceptional and innovative architecture, craftsmanship, and interior design. After much deliberation, we gave the award to second stop on the Sunday portion of the tour, the Aerie Galena (which you may recognize from the story Sympathetic Addition in our March/April 2013 issue).

Before, "the pink flamingo"

Designed by local interior design firm Studio Frank and architect Eric Cummings, the Aerie Galena began with a 1,300-square-foot Victorian called “the pink flamingo” for it’s bubblegum pink hue. In 2008, the design team began a two-year remodel that tripled the square footage of the space, while keeping much of the historical structure and materials in tact. The result was an elegant second home for a Washington D.C.-based family of four.

For the interiors, Studio Frank worked with a palette of pearl, gray, and cream chosen by the homeowner. “[The homeowner] had recently gone on vacation and brought a handful of stones she found while walking on the beach to one of our first meetings. She set them down on the conference table and said, ‘This is what I want my house to look like,’” recalls designer CC Rocque. “Every stone is a perfect match to the tiles and fabrics we chose for the home.” The designers balanced the muted tones with polished finishes, rich textiles and glam lighting.

The stones that served as inspiration

Since the remodel, most of the interiors have remained the same, give or take a few pieces of furniture and artwork. At the Art + Architecture Weekend, guests toured the entire home, listened to folk tunes by the Ukeladies on the back patio, and devoured decadent bites prepared by chef Angelee Aurillo of Alpinist and the Goat in the kitchen. “The best part of the event was seeing the look on peoples’ faces,” Rocque says. “It was great to see that the home’s aesthetic has remained timeless throughout the years.”

Congratulations to the entire Aerie Galena team!

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