Setting the Stage With Timeless Architecture

The key to success lies in the materials used
Appaloosa 5063final Hi Res

Courtesy of KH Webb Architects

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In the world of architecture, many firms pride themselves on having an easily recognized “signature style”. But oftentimes, the look and style which makes these homes distinguishable also bookmarks them in a particular time period and their “look” turns out to be a trend which eventually fades.

One of our firm’s most important goals is to avoid falling into this trap by focusing on creating completely original homes for each and every one of our clientsThat said, in trying to be authentically unique with every design and every design gesture, there are certainly materials that carry through most of our projects; elements such as wood, stone, steel, stucco and marble. And it is through the use of these materials that we produce a timeless result that not only fits the here and now, but sets each home up for the long run. Some of the homes below were constructed as long as 15 years ago, but look carefully and you’ll notice the elements that resonate throughout, giving each home a fresh, timeless appeal.

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Courtesy of KH Webb Architects

Much of what makes a home timeless has to do with material choices. Sticking to a palette of natural materials which tend to transcend any particular time period creates a timeless foundation for homeowners to personalize their home to their distinctive taste over time. In this mountain getaway, for example, sumptuous antique barn wood mixes with earthy stone and steel accents, beautifully reflecting the home’s mountain setting. The tones of the materials play off each other harmoniously and set the stage for an endless range of decor styles, from minimalist to modern to rustic. 

Kgp Stansbury 19

Courtesy of KH Webb Architects

This contemporary home in Greenwood Village, originally built in the 1970s, underwent a massive expansion and complete renovation. Throughout the project the main goal was to maintain the original spirit of its distinctive design by preserving its timeless elements. For instance, the iconic staircase remains at center stage, updated with fresh treads and handrail added to comply with code.

The original parquet floors were damaged beyond repair, but we went to great lengths to construct new ones in keeping with what was there before, paying homage to an earlier era. The fireplace in the main living space, bookmarked porcelain slabs designed to mimic classic marble, was a new addition but its imposing stature added an essence and style that transcends time.

Appaloosa 5063final Hi Res

Courtesy of KH Webb Architects

This stunning home in Edwards, Colorado defies definition. Seen as modern by some, southwestern by others, the key to its impressive appeal lies in the simplicity of the materials used- a timeless combination of stone, stucco and wood.  

The much-admired home, built in 1994, was formerly a stark, contemporary, glass box encased in stucco. When the original owners outgrew the home and sold it to a new family, we were brought on for a hefty renovation that doubled the size and completely transformed the look and feel. 

Our goal was to honor the original intent of the design while updating it with warm materials that better fit today’s vernacular. The grey stucco was replaced with timeless quartz planking and warm natural reclaimed wood. The organic feel of the home allows it to blend seamlessly into its natural surroundings. Perched in a field of sage, it looks like it belongs exactly where it is.


Courtesy of KH Webb Architects

The key to a timeless look is a masterful mix of materials, in this instance the combination of old and new. The stairs leading up to the entry of this home are constructed from board-poured concrete, a technology that dates back forever. The box-shaped structure over the entry is clad in stained tongue and groove siding, a clean complement to the rustic, weathered wood reclaimed from a century-old Pennsylvania barn spanning the rest of the exterior.

Stacked stone walls delineate the exterior space and steel accents tie the combination of natural materials together. The result is a home that is fresh and modern, yet not limited in its potential.


Courtesy of KH Webb Architects

Built in 2007, this home is reminiscent of a journey back in time to a chalet in the Alps; exactly the look the homeowner was hoping for. The details of the home are traditional, hand worked from reclaimed wood, yet the appeal is timeless. 

The home’s rock foundation was built on site from locally sourced stone, then topped with pre-fabricated walls and roof panels complete with installed windows units fabricated in Switzerland, put into containers and shipped over. The exterior of the home remains impressively authentic more than fifteen years after its construction. The lustrous wood takes care of itself, aging beautifully with a patina that gets better as the years go by, adding to its timeless allure. 

One of the remarkable things about a timeless exterior, though, is that it is not limiting when it comes to interior decor. The interior of this home, on the opposite side of the spectrum from its traditional Swiss roots, reveals a white, bright modern decor style including a minimalist German bulthaup kitchen.

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Courtesy of KH Webb Architects

The hallmark of timeless materials is in their versatility. This spectacular Aspen home, built in 2006, is constructed from a simple palette of post and beam steel, stone, reclaimed Pennsylvania barn wood, glass and metal. Walls of windows open to soaring vistas on all sides. In the courtyard, complementary sculptures age beautifully alongside the structure with a soft, warm patina. 

Yet again, this home is another example of timeless design setting the stage for the homeowner’s unique style to shine through. While the exterior blends seamlessly with the home’s alpine environment, the interior features a flexible, wide open floor plan adaptable to any style, from mountain traditional to uber-modern. 

Kyle Webb, AIA. He is the founder of KH Webb Architects in Vail, Colorado, an architecture firm that creates innovative architectural designs that characterize the personality of both the client and the land where it is built. View their profile or contact Kyle at 970-477-2990.

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