The Top 5 Home Design Trends in 2021

From home work spaces to health and wellness amenities, these are the residential elements of the future

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If there’s anything the pandemic has brought into focus, it is the precious commodity we call home. No longer just a pit stop in between life’s activities, people are digging in to make their homes exactly what they want them to be, whether that means refreshing an existing space to make it more workable and comfortable, or moving on to new spaces that truly reflect their family’s values.

With that focus in mind, here are the top five design elements taking center stage in the new year.

The New Home Office

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With more and more of us working from home, the need for dedicated work space has become urgent. Homeowners want workable space that is organized for maximum efficiency, but is also attractive and comfortable. From technology demands, like bigger screens and better audio, to distinctive storage and organization solutions, people want their home offices to both accommodate and inspire them.  

Homes for the Duration

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Homes that make sense, with adaptable spaces and efficient use of square footage, are in high demand. Homeowners are thinking more deeply about the life cycle of their home; they want space that not only works right now, but is flexible for the future. Younger families want homes they can grow into, and the older generation is looking for accessible, main-level living with separate designated space for memorable family visits.  

Focus on Health and Wellbeing

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Taking care of our physical and mental wellness has never been a higher priority. From the quality of the air circulating to dedicated spaces for exercise and mindfulness, homeowners are investing in amenities that create the ideal environment to rest, re-energize and rejuvenate.

Technology is playing a larger role in planning spaces, with bigger screens and surround sound systems to accommodate online classes and cutting edge workout equipment.

Features like infra-red saunas and steam rooms, as well as natural-light fixtures that help sync circadian rhythms (check out companies like Ketra who are on the leading edge of this technology) and blackout sleep spaces support relaxation and boost productivity.

Embracing a Warmer Modern

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Homeowners are embracing home as a place of sanctuary, tweaking the sleek, clean elements of modern design with touches of warm and cozy.  Warmer tones, soft fabrics, punches of color and personal touches, like artwork and antiques, come together to create comfortable, livable homes that reveal each family’s unique story.

Eco-friendly Design

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Concern for environmentally friendly, sustainable home design continues to soar. Beyond solar panels and recycled woods, people want every aspect of their architecture, construction, and interiors to do as little harm to the planet as possible. Homeowners are making impactful energy choices as they invest in geo-thermal energy and convert from natural gas to electric. In addition, homeowners have become uber-conscientious about recycling (we’re looking at you,  Amazon boxes!), requesting creative set-ups to ensure that nothing recyclable or compostable goes in the trash.

Kyle H. Webb, AIA is the principal at KH Webb Architects PC, a Vail, Colorado-based design and architecture firm. View their profile or reach Kyle at 970-477-2990.

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