The Sixpenny Roadshop

I stopped by the Sixpenny Roadshop—a popup furniture store in Denver’s Cherry Creek to checkout this new line of furniture. Without brick-and-mortar stores, Sixpenny products are sold online—and the company offers “no-hassle online shopping” with free shipping, 30-day no-fuss returns and a free swatch program. Sixpenny Roadshops are popping up in major cities, for two months, providing shoppers with the opportunity to experience the brand first-hand before placing an order. Just in time for the holidays, they are hosting Sip and Shop, serving wine to shoppers each night at 5:00 pm.

From left: Kevin Lehre, Jonathan Allen

Founders Kevin Lehre and Jonathan Allen spoke with me about their mission and their fresh approach to furniture design and customer service.

Why the name Sixpenny?

Historically, the “sixpenny” is a two-inch nail used by woodworkers to support the frames of their creations. To us, it’s a constant reminder of the understated details that separate good and great. That’s the point of Sixpenny.

 How did you get the idea to start a furniture/home goods company? Were you drinking coffee, brainstorming ideas, how did Sixpenny come to be a reality?

We grew up in the furniture industry creating products behind the scenes for many of the biggest furniture brands. We saw Sixpenny as our way to create the perfect furniture company to deliver original, high-quality products to our customers for the best possible prices with an unmatched customer service experience.

How did you choose Colorado as your headquarters?

We are both active outdoorsmen and have drawn much inspiration from what the Colorado lifestyle has to offer. At the same time, it is an incredibly exciting time to be an entrepreneur in Colorado. There is an immense energy here within both the startup community and maker community, and we wanted to embrace a location that could fuel both our professional and personal passions.

What motivated you to design the company? What was the marketing opportunity you saw in the  home furnishings category?

We saw an opportunity to harness the power of our design ecosystem, our global artisan community and the internet as a delivery platform. We create all of our original designs directly in collaboration with our artisan suppliers, focusing on the best artisans for the given craft. Besides a website that is filled with beautiful product images and that is very easy to shop, some of our more traditional approaches include our Free Swatch program, which allows customers to choose any of our fabric, leather, wood and metal materials to be shipped to them for free within 72 hours.

What is your background and expertise?

We see ourselves as furniture designers and craftsmen, but our approach to design encompasses so much more than drawing pictures and making prototypes. We typically begin our design process by identifying great materials—be it a unique leather or reclaimed boat wood—that can serve as our design palette. Our global approach to identifying the coolest materials and the best artisan skill-sets in the industry allow us to create a range of products with a lot of breadth.

How do you select the materials used in your products?

We are constantly searching for great materials to use in our product ranges. Our travels take us all over the world and we find inspiration from many places—markets in Europe, antique collections, or old wooden barns or boats that we can reclaim. From there, we ensure that our materials are top-notch and that we can condition our materials to endure the test of time.

Tell us about your philanthropic philosophy.

As certified homebodies and citizens of the globe, we’re passionate about making our collective home a better place to live. Sixpenny partners with like-minded do-gooders to build resources like homes and schools for communities in need. With every purchase, we donate 6 percent of our net proceeds to the community-building project of your choice.


Sixpenny Roadshop
2771 East First Avenue, Denver, Colorado


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