The Entertainment Center Makes a Comeback

Gone are the days of the bulky television, but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to TV cabinets and armoires! Thankfully these statement pieces are back in style, with a rustic touch. 

With the introduction of flat-screen televisions in the early 2000s, people were excited to show off their new technology—and eager to ditch their TV cabinetry. While we don’t mourn the extinction of the cumbersome television, we do miss the days of beautifully crafted entertainment centers.

Now that flat screens have become old news, entertainment centers are making a comeback. People are once again interested in encasing and displaying their televisions with gorgeous cabinetry.

Here are a handful of marvelously rustic entertainment centers and TV armoires, perfect for your mountain home.

Cathy Costantini is co-founder of La Lune Collection, a furniture company specializing in unique, handcrafted rustic designs. View their profile or contact Cathy at

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