The Bucket List

A New Year's resolution with new Montana hiking spots

Subject: Billions, Preston Park, Glacier National Park

Written your list yet? Every year around New Year’s Eve I make a list like everyone else does. Besides the cliche "eat better, exercise more, and finish a project around the house," I also pick several locations I’d like to hike the following summer. As it turns out, I did eat better, joined the local gym, and helped to build a gargantuan chicken coop, and the place on my list was Siyeh Pass.

The summer was halfway through before I had a chance to tackle that item. I’m glad I waited. A Saturday in late July, my family and I headed towards the park and lucked out! We hit the peak of the wildflower season. Once we ascended the forested switchbacks at the beginning of the trail, the trees gave way to open fields of purple Asters and red-orange paintbrush. It was an incredible wildflower display.   

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