Take a Tiny Home Vacation | Part Two

Check out these Colorado tiny mountain house options for your next vacation

Last week, The Heidi Guide traveled to Leadville where we discovered a tiny home resort at 10,151-feet above sea level.

Tiny homes are defined as houses under 400 feet, although there is some debate over this number. The “tiny house movement” is a description of the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes.

The Hobbit Home at WeeCasa.

After staying in four different tiny homes I have concluded that I couldn’t live in one permanently, but they are a wonderful lodging option when on vacation. Whether you are tiny home curious or just looking to rent one as a holiday getaway, this Colorado tiny house resort in Lyons is for you.

Go Tiny Close to Denver at WeeCasa Tiny House Hotel in Lyons, Colorado

I returned to WeeCasa in Lyons after a three-year hiatus. I had originally visited during the first few months they were open and stayed in Sprout, a tiny house with 170-square feet on the main level and a 70-square foot sleeping loft.

During my second visit, in April, I stayed in The Dogwood. One of the property's newest homes, it has 192-square feet on the main level and two lofts, one accessible via stairs. It also has a gourmet kitchen because the former owner, who lived in the house for about a year, is a chef. There’s even a pull-out spice rack.

The Dogwood at WeeCasa.

My friend Karen joined me on this overnight excursion. The Dogwood is perfect for friends traveling together; she scrambled up the ladder that night to sleep in the second loft area while I slept in the “master” bedroom.

One aspect I love about The Dogwood is the skylight. It means this tiny house is airy and bright. The bathroom in this tiny home is a bit tight but storage is good.

The Dogwood. Photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer.

WeeCasa has made a few additions since my visit. They are still located next to the St. Vrain River and within walking distance of downtown Lyons, but the property now features 22 tiny houses (instead of 17) and a clubhouse. The clubhouse, called WeeGather, is a place for the community to come together. It is a gathering spot for both WeeCasa guests and the broader community of Lyons who can book it as a meeting space.

WeeGather features a large communal dining area, television, coffee maker, games and more. Outside, guests can lounge around the fire and impromptu parties have been known to blossom, especially during the summer when WeeCasa welcomes lots of visitors including guests who attend weddings at Lyons Farmette. These beautiful ceremonies take place on the grassy riverfront area of the property.

Lyons, Colorado is only about one hour from Denver and 30 minutes from Boulder but it feels miles away. It’s tucked into the mountains close to Rocky Mountain National Park.

WeeCasa guests feel accepted in Lyons and the longer their stay the more they become part of the community. In fact, guests of the tiny home resort are welcome to attend or play in the bluegrass pick at Oskar Blues, a brewery, restaurant and music venue in Lyons since 1997. The bluegrass pick takes place every Tuesday starting at 7 p.m. and the level of talent is astounding.

A stay at WeeCasa comes with vacation highlights that you’ll be talking about for years to come. Learn more at WeeCasa.com.

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