Take a Photography Tour With Dan Ballard

Learn new skills while photographing some of the Rocky Mountain West’s most beautiful terrain
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Photography by Dan Ballard

Internationally acclaimed travel and landscape photographer Dan Ballard says he’s found a way to unite all the things he loves into his photography workshops. “Loving travel, a passion for photographing landscapes and my interest in teaching are all the things it just made sense to combine,” he explains. The result is undoubtedly a popular one. Ballard says that attendees come from all over the U.S. and internationally to participate in the workshop experience.

Ballard is an accomplished photographer and was heavily influenced by his experience growing up in small-town Colorado. He currently resides in Montrose on Colorado’s Western Slope. His love for photography comes from a strong desire to share the wonder and beauty in the natural world with others. In pursuit of that goal, Ballard has traveled to over 60 countries around the globe and has been invited to speak as a subject expert at world photo events and festivals. His images have been purchased by The National Geographic Society and The Travel Channel.


Workshops have been a part of Ballard’s professional life for over 10 years, and he makes them available year-round. His workshops go beyond the traditional photography tour as he works one-on-one with his students in the field and the classroom.

Each workshop consists of a three or four-day photography course for small groups aimed at improving the skills of photographers at every level. Students attend indoor classroom instruction in photography, editing and a final constructive feedback session. They explore their location at sunrise and sunset to shoot some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the mountain west. Ballard’s primary goal is to inform and ignite the curiosity of his students so they can experience their undiscovered creative potential.

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Ballard’s 2023 workshops focus on landscapes, abstract nature scenes, and western and horse photography. Ballard loves to take people off the beaten path and incorporates off-road travel in places like Moab, Crested Butte and Silverton. He works closely with students to help them gain understanding and master composition, understand and interpret light, and image processing using Lightroom. He especially looks forward to his upcoming Sawtooth Mountain workshops to help students photograph once-in-a-lifetime images.

What makes his workshops special “is simple,” says Ballard. “I really care and want to inform” as people learn to accomplish new things and step out of the known into something new.


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